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British Geological Survey

4th March 2015
British Geological Survey image

On Wednesday 4th of March, Year 3  were lucky to have Brian and Katie from the British Geological Survey to lead an investigation on Rocks & Soils. Brian spoke to us about rocks and Katie spoke to us about soils. In Katie’s talk, we learnt about what soil is made out of and found that you can trace everything back to coming from the earth. We sieved soil into different sizes and explored their texture and looked through lenses to look at the finer details.  In Brian’s talk we learnt about igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks and looked at lots of different types of rock discussing their uses and their value. We spoke about the earth’s layers and which rocks would be found at each layer. Everyone was fascinated by all the facts we learnt and we are all so grateful for them coming to visit us!

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