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Short Track Speed Skating

9th January 2015
Short Track Speed Skating image

Short track speed skating is a lightning-fast, adrenaline-fueled winter sport full of unpredictability, where skaters reach speeds of up to 35 kmph on blades 46cm long and only 1mm thick.

It is a highly tactical and physically demanding sport with split-second decision making and race strategy playing a crucial role in racing, where skaters go head-to-head in races of 4 to 6 skaters in a knock-out style of competition.

On Friday 9th January, 30 of our Year 6 pupils had the exclusive opportunity to watch and support Team GB Olympic Short Track Speed Skaters at the first ever International Star Class Speed Skating Competition held at the National Ice Centre.

This competition will draw some of the top skaters in the world from countries such as:- Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Russia, Poland and of course our very own Great Britain.

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