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Science Week

16th March 2015
Science Week image

Mrs James set up an experiment to find the colours that were mixed in smarties (or brown ink blobs). The children watched the ink or the smartie’s colours run as they rested it on paper which was dipped into water.

Mrs Lander set up an experiment to make icecream without a freezer – children mixed milk, flavours (strawberry, banana or chocolate), sugar and salt in a bag and put ice inside. The children shook the mixture up and created their own icecream!


Miss Nicholls set up an experiment looking at thermal insulators – the children were challenged to see which material kept the ice cube the coldest for longest. Children made their predictions, then wrapped ice cubes in foil, cling film, bubble wrap, bin bag material or kitchen roll and observed what happened.


Mrs Kelly set up an experiment where gummy bears were trapped in ice cubes. Different conditions were set up and children worked in groups to try and release their gummy bear the quickest. Then, they discussed what they had done and swapped to trying to keep their gummy bear trapped in ice for the longest.


This was all to celebrate Science Week in our school!

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