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I'm Frances, the Chaplain for St Teresa's School.

I help to develop the Catholic life of the School, through drama, music, prayer and discussion. It's great to spend time with the children and help them to explore their faith.

Below is my chaplaincy twitter

This will keep you updated on what is happening across our Trust and the Nottingham Diocese.

School Chaplain




November – December 2019

After half term we  returned to school to celebrate the feast of All Saints. Year 4 led a fantastic liturgy thinking about how we are all special and 'Saint-like' in Gods eyes.



It was then Anti Bullying week - it was a time to think about how 'Change starts with Us' and how we can all make small changes to help spread Gods love so no one has to feel sad or upset by the actions of others.


Before we knew it the season of Advent was upon us and our school Chaplaincy Team prepared the Advent mass for the school which was a beautiful celebration. 


This was followed by our school Advent retreat day reflecting on 'Mary and the Saints.' At the end of the day Year 5 led a fantastic Liturgy based on the Saint they had been looking at Maximilian Kolbe. 

We finished the term with Year 4 leading a 'Joyful' liturgy in their class - we left feeling full of JOY and ready to celebrate Christmas and Jesus birth.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


September – October 2019


Hi everyone!

It was lovely to be back in school after a great summer break with all the staff and children excited and raring to go.

We had lots of applications for Chaplaincy Team which is fantastic so we now have our largest Team yet of 20 children! Made up of year 5 and 6.

The year 6’s will be completing their Faith in Action Award over the year.

Our chaplaincy team have already led some fantastic Liturgies for the rest of the school on the themes of ‘Welcome’ and ‘Discipleship’.


Before we knew it, the feast of St Terese of Lisieux, our school Patron Saint was upon us. We used this special day to launch the ‘Extraordinary Month of Mission’ calendar. Each child was given one with a challenge to complete every day. Each class also got a special statue of St Terese for their prayer table, these were brought back from Lisieux in France earlier in the year. The mass and Liturgy were a really special celebration.


The Chaplaincy Team were then busy again reflecting on the life and work of John Henry Newman as he became a Saint on the 13th October. They also encouraged us to pray the rosary as we are now in the Month of Mary.


It has been a great start back to the year!

Frances – School Lay Chaplain








January - March 2019

We welcomed in the new year with a fantastic whole school mass led my all the Year 2 children. The children were fantastic and made the mass so vibrant and full of life.

We said a sad farewell to Mrs Brannigan from the office. Some of the year 5 children planned and led a beautiful Liturgy for her. We were reminded that wherever we go God is with us every step of the way.

It was then the turn of the Year 1 children to prepare some fantastic acts of worship on calling and discipleship. They were very brave to stand up in front of the whole school.

After half term year 5 and 2 children led us in a Liturgy about loving your enemies whilst the Chaplaincy Team got ready and planned our school Ash Wednesday Service.

The Chaplaincy have also been working hard completing their Faith In Action Award - writing letters to our local MPs about how they plan to look after the world God has given us.

We were then into the season of Lent - year 4 had us all reflecting on how the last shall be first and the Our Father prayer.

We then finished the term with a really special Ks1 liturgy based on the Last Supper.

It has been a fantastic and reflective Lent at school and we look forward to the joy of the Resurrection! 

November - December 2018

During the month of November, we celebrate Remembrance Sunday and all those special people who gave their lives through war. Year 6 led a fantastic and thought provoking Liturgy about peace and celebrating 100 years since WW1 ended. They challenged each class to create a ‘Peace baby’ to encourage us all to be peace makers. We got some fantastic ideas!

The Chaplaincy team started their Faith in Action Award this term. It is a special award that lots of young people in the Nottingham Diocese are completing – a great way to show others how proud they are of their faith and put their faith into action by spreading Gods world and helping our planet. They launched this in a Liturgy to the school to let everyone know what they are up too. Fantastic role models!

Before we knew it we were in the special season of Advent in our church.

This was kick started with Hope, Peace, Joy and Love through our Advent Mass with Fr Richard. The Chaplaincy Team worked hard to prepare this mass and it was a beautiful and reflective way to gather as a community to start our journey through Advent.

As always I wish you all a happy and Holy Christmas.

See you in 2019!!


September - October 2018

The new school year began and Year 6 were busy preparing for their mass.

We were thinking about how we can be more like Jesus and ‘Colour the world with kindness.’


We welcomed some new members to our Chaplaincy Team! They are full of faith and excitement, ready to start the school year.

Year 5 were getting ready for our school’s special feast day mass, celebrating the feast of our Patron Saint – St Teresa of Lisuiex. We thought about her special character during our liturgies and how we can be humble and faithful like her.

We were then into the month of October and we drew our attention to Mary and saying the rosary. Year 2 led a fantastic liturgy about Mary and challenged us all to say the rosary in class every day!

Many children from school, along with our Chaplaincy Team went to a special event with Bishop Patrick to celebrate the launch of our new Trust – Our Lady of Lourdes. We had a fantastic day with all the schools across our Trust and Bishop Patrick commissioned all the Chaplaincy Teams. It was a very special occasion.


Once again it has been a lovely term and we look forward to the next. The Chaplaincy Team are just about to start their Faith in Action Award and they are very excited about it!

Lots to look forward too!


May – July 2018

We came back to school after the Easter Holidays, full of ‘Alleluias!’ – celebrating Jesus rising!

Year 2 led a fantastic and joyful Liturgy about this and encouraging us all to spread joy wherever we went!

Then we were into the month of May when we remember our Mother Mary – every Tuesday the Chaplaincy Team led the school in a decade of the Rosary. They also created a Mary Jigsaw and hid the pieces around the school for the KS2 classes to find. This beautiful image on Mary was then placed on each class Prayer Table to remind us how special our mother is.

It was then time to celebrate the Feast Days of Ascension and Pentecost.

During our Liturgies we thought about how we can be modern day disciples and go out and spread the Good News with the help of the Holy Spirit!

As we moved into June the Year 3 children prepared for their First Holy Communion and worked hard on a special Mass to celebrate this special sacrament. While the Chaplaincy Team led some beautiful Liturgies on being ‘One Family’ with God and achieving great things in life no matter how young or small you are.

It was also time to think about new members for our fantastic Chaplaincy Team, for when sadly our year 6’s leave in July. Many children in Years 4 and 5 applied and the current Chaplaincy Team helped interview them. We appointed some fantastic new members and can’t wait for them to start in September!

Before we knew it, it was time to start planning the Year 6 Leavers Mass and look back on all they had achieved. It will be sad to see them leave but many exciting times lay ahead for them.

As always it had been a fantastic year!

I hope you all have a great summer and look forward to seeing you again in September.


School Chaplain


February - April 2018

As we started the new half term and the Season of Lent, Year 2 welcomed us back with a Liturgy all about Lent and how important the cross is to us in our faith. They reminded us to turn to the cross with any problems or worries, joys or happiness we have and Jesus will be there.

During Lent year 5 prepared and led a beautiful mass celebrating St Joseph's Feast Day. They taught us about St Joseph and what a special person he was. We thought about how we need to put our trust in God, just like St Joseph did.

6SD then led a fantastic Liturgy about loving ourselves, just like God loves us. They spoke about how we should be proud of who we are and not change the person God made us - THIS IS ME!

A great way to draw Lent to a close and prepare for Jesus resurrection and remember the love he has for each one of us.

As always it was another fantastic and reflective Lenten term.

January - February 2018

We started the New Year full of joy with a fantastic liturgy from Year 2!


This 'joy' carried through to their mass the week after, where we thought about how much joy our faith can bring us. Fr Richard came and said the mass and it was a lovely way to gather together as a school community.

Year 1 then had us all on a mission to spread more love and kindness!

Every time we did something kind we had to write it on a post it and stick it on our prayer table. Everyone did a great job but the winners were year 5 - for being most 'Christ like' and spreading love, kindness and joy around school.

Year 6 then led a beautiful Liturgy on how amazing God is, then the Chaplaincy prepared a whole school Liturgy on counting our blessings and making the most of all we had. A great way to lead us into the season of Lent.

Ash Wednesday was then soon upon us. We had a reflective liturgy in the hall, then the chaplaincy team went and distributed the ashes to each class. What fantastic role models in their faith they are!


November - December 2017

We started the term celebrating the Feast of All Saints. Year 4 led a Liturgy for the school, encouraging us to celebrate the fact we are all saints in Gods eyes. Let our halos shine!


November is the month of Remembrance so we spent time as a school remembering those who have given their lives for peace in our world. We also remembered those close to us to have gone to our father in heaven. Their names were written in our school Remembrance Book and the Chaplaincy Team prayed for them.




During November we also have Anti Bullying across the UK.
This year the theme was 'All different! All equal!'
In their Liturgy, year 6 reminded us all that God made us all different and we should celebrate this!


Before we knew it Advent was upon us and the Chaplaincy Team started this special season with a Liturgy reminding us what Advent is all about. We gathered together in a circle to remind us of the shape of the Advent wreath and that God love is like a circle - everlasting.

During Advent we had plenty of opportunities to pray and prepare for Jesus birth.
Year 5 led a class Liturgy on Mary and the peace she can bring to our lives.
Then year 2 ended the term with a Liturgy on joy!
We thought about all the things that bring us joy and the great joy we all hope to have this Christmas.

It has been another great term!
Have a happy and holy Christmas.

May-July 2017


As the last term of the school year began, we spent timing celebrating our English Martyrs.

Year 2 and 5 lead some fantastic Liturgies, teaching us more about the work of our English Saints and Martyrs and giving us the mission to choose one and learn more about them that week.

We all learnt a great deal!


During the month of May we spend time thinking and praying to our Mother Mary.

The Chaplaincy Team lead a fantastic 'drop in' Liturgy on the rosary that many children attended.

We spent time thinking about how loving and caring Mary is and how we should try to be more like her every day.


The Feast of Pentecost was soon upon on, so as a school we celebrated the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Year 4 lead us in a fantastic Liturgy, challenging us to go out and spread the good news, just like the disciples did.

Knowing we had the Holy Spirit to guide us and be our friend.

In June we gathered together as a Trust to celebrate the feast day of our patron saint St Barnabas.

We had a special mass at the Cathedral with Bishop Patrick.

Each school within our Trust had a part in the mass - St Teresa's wrote and read some beautiful bidding prayers.

As the year draws to a close, year 3 were preparing for the special sacrament of First Holy Communion.

They had a beautiful mass and took the next step in their faith journey.

Finally as our year 6's get ready to move on to Secondary School, we say goodbye to the year members of our Chaplaincy Team.

The remaining year 5's spent time interviewing for new members (we had lots of current year 4's apply!) and the new members will be announced soon!


Its been another great term!

Have fantastic summer and we look forward to seeing you in September!


March - April 2017

As the Lenten season began, St Teresa's school were ready to journey with our faith and Jesus during this special and sacred time.

On Ash Wednesday we had a special service where everyone got the chance to receive ashes which the Chaplaincy Team distributed.

This was followed the week after with a special Reconciliation Service to remind us that Lent is the perfect time to turn to God and say sorry.

Fr Ka Fai also came along to speak to us and saying sorry and the sacrament of Reconciliation.

On the way out with all blessed ourselves with water as a sign of starting a fresh.





During this time each week different classes have also been leading Liturgies for the rest of the school based on their Mother Teresa quote, teaching us how we can all try to be good and kind people just like Saint Mother Teresa.

As Lent came to end we were back to school refreshed and full of joy and the rising of our Saviour!

We started the new term with a joyful Liturgy shouting the word 'Alleluia!' and going out to spread the good news 'Jesus is alive!'

With happy hearts we look forward to another fantastic term!

January - February 2017

St Teresa's School Chaplaincy has been really busy with another fantastic term!
We welcomed in a new year and new term with a lovely liturgy on 'the heart which sees' and thinking how we can all show love every day.


Year 2 were then busy working really hard to prepare a fantastic and special mass for the rest of the school. The theme was thinking about how we can all be closer to God and run to him anytime we need him. Canon Ka Fai kindly celebrated the mass, and lots of parents came to join us. All of year 2 were involved in the mass and it was truly memorable.


Before we knew it Lent was close upon us so the Chaplaincy Team have been working really hard, preparing drop in liturgies at lunch time and getting ready to lead the Ash Wednesday Service.

Our Lenten season at school is looking to be very special and spiritual.

 November - December 2016

Another lovely term for chaplaincy and catholic life at St Teresa's.
The new term started with a mass to celebrate All Saints Feast Day and then year 5 lead a beautiful All Saints Liturgy for KS1.


Throughout the month of November we have been remembering those we have lost, and those who have strived for peace in our world. The chaplaincy Team created a 'Book of Remembrance' which they gave each class the opportunity to write in, with the names of any close family or friends they know who have passed away.


During Anti Bullying week year 3 worked hard to prepare a Liturgy on this subject to show the rest of the school. It was very thought provoking and taught us a lot about how we should treat people.

Then before we knew it Advent was upon us!
The chaplaincy Team have once again been working hard to prepare liturgies every Friday lunch time which anyone is welcome to attend. They are on the weekly advent wreath theme, starting with a hope, then peace and ending with joy. They were brilliant and lots of students came to take part in them and experience some quiet time and prayer during their busy day at school.

We also had a whole school Advent mass with Fr Kai Fi which was lovely. Lots of children took part in the mass from singing to reading, drama to dancing. 
A great way to draw the year to a close.


Have a happy and holy Christmas.
See you in the New year!

School Chaplain

September - October 2016

Chaplaincy has been going from strength to strength this term at school.
We welcomed our new chaplaincy team who have been working hard planning liturgies and prayer opportunities in school. They have bonded really well as a team.


Every week a different class has been taking its turn to plan and lead a liturgy for the rest of the school. They have all been amazing with some fantastic themes and ideas!



We ended the term thinking about our mother Mary as it was the month of October.
Some of the children in year 2 lead a beautiful liturgy about Mary ending with a very reflective and thought provoking liturgical dance to the Hail Mary.


New Chaplaincy Team

It's been a great start back at St Teresa's. 

The Key Stage Liturgies got off to a fantastic start with year 6 taking the lead in planning and delivering the first one to the rest of the school.

We have a new Chaplaincy Team ready and raring to go!

They are brilliant and can't wait to get going with helping to plan and lead acts of worship and help develop the Catholic life of school.

The new term is shaping up to be another great one!



February - May 2016

It’s been a fantastic term for Chaplaincy at St Teresa's, with students getting the opportunity to prepare a class Liturgy on Gospel readings to show back to the rest of the class.

Every week KS1 and KS2 have been gathering for Liturgies, firstly focusing on Lent and what it means to us and how we can prepare for Easter.
It was a chance to gather together as a school in prayer and pause to thank God for all we have. Then we have been looking at the Ascension, Pentecost and of course Our Lady.
The Chaplaincy Team have been meeting after school and working hard to prepare activities for Lent. Including a fantastic prayer box for the school to use.
It has been a chance for us to focus on Lent and preparing for Jesus death and rising again for us. We have been thinking about what this means to us and how we can try to be more like Jesus this Lent. Also the true meaning at Easter and all the great things Jesus has blessed us with.
As we are now in the month of May, when we especially think about Our Lady and how important she is to us, the Chaplaincy Team are holding a rosary club at lunch time. This is a chance for any children at school to come along and say a decade of the rosary and pray to Our Lady. 
Everyone in school will also be saying the Angelus at 12 noon each day.
Not forgetting our big celebration for First Holy Communion Children on the 24th June at 9:30 in St. Teresa’s Church
Lots to look forward to!

Autumn Term 2015

The start of our new academic year was a very busy time in school as we prepared for a special visitor. On 2nd October, the feast day of St Teresa, our new bishop of Nottingham-Bishop Patrick McKinney-came into school to bless our new building and celebrate Mass. It was a proud day for St Teresa’s as we gathered with friends, family and members of our wider community to praise God for our wonderful school, and guests commented on how fantastic the children’s singing, reading, drama and reflection was during Mass.

The great start to this year was set to continue as we had many more vibrant acts of worship, mission days and Masses.

The new chaplaincy teams have been settling into their roles and have been planning and delivering acts of worship for the rest of the school. A particular focus of these prayers has been “British Values,” encouraging children to think about values such as tolerance and democracy which make where we live special.  

Mission days in classes this term have centred on the themes of “family,” “belonging” and “mission” and these days continue to enhance children’s spirituality and understanding of RE topics.

For Harvest Fast Day this term, St Teresa’s took on CAFOD’s challenge to “Brighten up our world.” Children came to school dressed in bright colours and brought a pound each to donate to CAFOD. The bright clothes symbolised how we can brighten up the lives of those in need. 

Towards the end of term, the focus of our worship and mission days turned to the season of Advent. We also shared in a lovely Advent Mass at school with Fr Michael to reflect on how we could prepare our hearts for Christmas. 

Looking ahead, as we enter into Pope Francis’ “Year of Mercy,” we will be exploring the theme of mercy and thinking about we can answer Pope Francis’ call to be “merciful like the Father.”

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Spring Term 2015

This term at St Teresa's, there has been lots going on within chaplaincy. We have continued to dedicate our Fridays to retreat days- an opportunity for a different class each week to explore readings and messages from the Bible and their relevance to our lives today. This is done through art, drama, dance, reflection and creative writing, and themes covered this term include "sacrifice" and "giving and receiving." These days conclude with a class-led liturgy and the children have been great at coming up with creative and inspiring ideas. 

The Chaplaincy Team are still working hard at school to find new ways of bringing our Catholic faith alive and we are currently looking to recruit some younger members to carry on the work of our older members, once they leave. The team have introduced CAFOD's new campaign- One Climate, One World- at school this term, challenging us to think about how we can help to tackle climate change. They have also set a fantastic example by taking the lead in planning and celebrating whole school Masses. During Lent, the team have led thought-provoking assemblies, based around the Stations of the Cross, encouraging us to think about what we can learn from Jesus' journey, and have led drop in prayer sessions at lunch time for children to spend some time in quiet reflection. 


Each week at school, a class continues to go along to St Teresa's Church to join in celebrating Mass with the parish, something we feel is very important in our community. The children are always so respectful and the experience has been helping children to understand the meaning of the Eucharist and hear sermons, targeted at their age group, from Fr Michael.

Click here to watch a video of 1EP, thinking about hope during lent on their mission day.
We look forward to another great term after the holidays,
Have a Happy Easter!

Frances and Gabie


Autumn Term 2014

Hi everyone! This term has been another fun and thoughtful one at St Teresa's with lots going on within chaplaincy. 

On Thursdays, the KS1 and KS2 chaplaincy teams have been working hard together during their meetings and have been a great example in leading the whole school in Masses and liturgies. Earlier in the term, they organised and advertised a fundraising event for CAFOD Harvest Fast Day which saw the whole school doing the Cha Cha Slide in mismatched shoes, raising a fantastic £327.

And it's not just the Chaplaincy Team who have been busy inspiring others! On a weekly basis, children from different classes have been taking the lead in our Key Stage liturgies and helping other children to understand the Gospel through their creative ideas. It's really great to be part of this every week!



Class retreat days have been a new addition to St Teresa's school this term. A different class each Friday has enjoyed a day of prayer and reflection in the classroom around their RE topic, ending the day in celebration with a liturgy for parents led by the children. We have been part of some lovely liturgies which have received really nice feedback from parents.

Our links with St Teresa's parish have been further strengthened this term. Each class has had the opportunity to attend Friday morning Mass and listen to Fr Michael's sermons which he directs towards the children so well. 

A big well done to all the children at St Teresa's for being so wonderful this term. Frances will be back after Christmas and she will be keeping me updated on what you're all getting up to. I'll be back in February.

Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas!


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