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At St. Teresa’s, we believe that Science comes to life when children are actively engaged in practical and exciting learning. Key to this approach is that Science is led by questions that the children ask and they have the chance to wonder about the world around them.

By providing the children with a wide range of scientific experiences, that broaden their horizons and encourages them to ask more questions, research and investigate. This ensures that the experiences and learning remain with them.

Children are given time to explore and investigate independently, opportunities to evaluate and re-test are built into all investigations. Children have the ability to reflect upon their learning and find out more.  Discussion is an essential part of this, giving children the chance to talk about what they have learnt. Pupil voice is integral to the development of Science at St. Teresa’s, and is used to ensure all children are actively involved and excited about Science.


  • Children are engaged and excited.
  • Lessons are practical and investigative.
  • Science is well resourced.
  • Lessons are well planned.
  • Children are given time to talk about their learning.
  • Practical work is always followed by discussion about what children have learned.
  • Learning is led by children’s questions.
  • Any scientific misconceptions are addressed as they arise